Quite Simply, The Best 1-Day Success Mindset Workshop, EVER.

Live Online, Sunday 21st February 2021
10am to 4pm via zoom

Are you someone who...


...spends more time at work than with loved ones? 
...always feels like success is just beyond your reach? 
...feels pulled in all directions, yet feel directionless? 
...wants your passion to support you financially? 
If you answered YES to any of these questions above, don’t worry, you are not alone. The vast majority of people in today’s world struggle with these same issues too. 

However, the ones who rise above are those who have sought advice from quality mentors.

Because there really is another way. 

What Will Be Covered in this Free 1 Day Event...

  • The step-by-step roadmap to finally achieve what you want

  • The 7 other secrets that make The Law of Attraction actually work

  • What are your Passion and Purpose Archetypes and why they create genius

  • Discover 5 common fears that sabotage success

  • The 6 biggest success mistakes smart people make and how to avoid them

  • How to achieve self-love in relationships and stop codependence

    • The little known secret to money and why people derail their cash flow

    • Why people sabotage their success and how to overcome it

    • The 2 biggest childhood influences that affects your financial success today

    • The 4 Stages of Growth that give you the courage to do anything

    • Clever principle of health that kick starts your vitality

    • Simple tool to gain balance without compromise

      • A simple mindset trick that beats overwhelm and procrastination

      • What is the Drama Cycle and why does it stop love and happiness

      • How to become the hero of your life instead of the victim of circumstances

      • How to use restrictions, like time and money, to gain flow and grace

      • How to access your intuition to make fast accurate decisions

      • How to be a positive influence with those you love instead of a nag

        Award-winning Trainer and Coach

        Lauren Jobson is an award-winning NLP Trainer, internationally certified Matrix Therapies Trainer and Coach.


        Having experienced hypnosis when she was 16 years old that allowed her to overcome years of chronic pain, Lauren’s life had changed forever. It was from that experience onward she knew that in this lifetime it would be her mission to share that feeling of empowerment with as many people as she could to help others realise their infinite potential no matter the hopelessness they may feel in life being different to any current experience.


        Lauren attended an introduction weekend workshop on NLP in 2005 and she found that she wanted to learn the skills and be able to share what she just experienced with others. She became certified as an NLP Practitioner just months after experiencing the weekend, learning & teaching ever since, now 13 years later she is a Master Trainer & Master Practitioner of NLP and Matrix Therapies along with other modalities such as Hypnosis, Chakra Mindset, and the Universal Laws through Archetypes.


        In the 9 years that she has trained NLP, Matrix Therapies, Hypnosis & now, Archetypal Coaching, she has taught literally hundreds of wonderful people around Australia, that say she “transcends age with her wisdom & guidance”.


        Lauren was the Vice Chair Person of the Australian Board of NLP as high standards of the NLP field is important to her. She is also a Registered Trainer Member and Clinical Member at the ABNLP and a Full Member of IICT (International Institute of Complementary Therapists).


        Travelling to Egypt on a spiritual quest like no other tour and to Southern France to study the Sacred Feminine & Masculine, Lauren can't wait to share more about ancient wisdom with you at the 22 Principles of Success, Love & Happiness event.

        Here's What Kim Has To Say About Lauren:

        "The difference between many and Lauren is this, while knowledge is a powerful tool to know, without the emotional intelligence, heart centred intuition, and deep understanding of organised thought, that Lauren possesses in abundance, it is just knowledge! Lauren is a gifted person, coach and trainer, who makes a difference.

        Her programs are not designed merely by content, they are guaranteed to transform.

        I don't know about you, I'm just so glad that I believed in myself like Lauren believed in me. "

        1 Day, 22 Principles. Live Online, Sunday 21st February 2021
        10am to 4pm via zoom

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        Here's What Bee Has To Say About Lauren:

        "I just love it how Lauren listens to every word that is being spoken, she just nails it! Her guidance in my discovery of my passion & purpose makes complete sense & has provided me such clarity of who I am as a woman, mother, wife & just me BEE! Highly recommended & totally worth doing!"

        Here's What Katrina Has To Say About Lauren:​

        "I am now heading into my mid-fifties with a whole new passion and love of life pretty much because of Lauren.

        Lauren was one of the fantastic trainers I encountered. I immediately felt welcomed relaxed, supported and ready to learn in her very calm presence.

        Lauren was such an amazing coach and mentor – so patient, kind, compassionate and loving. She was my angel. For the first time in my life I finally felt my future was mine to decide. I finally felt I could embrace my authentic self. My energy levels have significantly improved and the anxiety and depression has gone. Her coaching helped me understand my uniqueness, my passion, my purpose and how I could weave those values into my life in every area."

          Here's What Orine Has To Say About Lauren:​

          "My friend even commented on how happy I look and how my attitude had changed. Even my choice of words and language is more positive. I mean, I'm always happy and positive - she said even more so."

            Bringing The Secrets from Ancient Principles Together with the Latest Breakthroughs on the Science of Our Mind...

            Throughout history, humanity has searched for identity, meaning, passion and purpose. You’ve probably heard people asking what is the point of my life, what is the purpose of living. Way back 2500 years ago Plato talked about the idea that we choose our purpose before we were born and that it was encoded in our soul.


            Until now no-one knew the code. Now for the very first time there is formula for decoding your purpose and truly fulfilling your potential. With so many possibilities of who you could be or what you can do, it is easy to feel lost and directionless.


            But now you can truly Discover Your Passion and Purpose

            The 22 Principles of Success, Love & Happiness

            FREE EVENT!

            Quite Simply, The Best 1-Day Success Mindset Workshop, EVER.

            Live Online Sunday 21st February 2021
            10am to 4pm via zoom

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