I just wanted to convey my deep thanks for our meeting, it was truly special. Your energy is palpable and you have wisdom beyond your years! You really hit the nail on the head with my approval issues and self belief. I know we have some more work to do, so would love to keep in touch. 




Lauren was one of the fantastic trainers I encountered. I immediately felt welcomed relaxed, supported and ready to learn in her very calm presence.

Lauren was such an amazing coach and mentor – so patient, kind, compassionate and loving. She was my angel.  For the first time in my life I finally felt my future was mine to decide. I finally felt I could embrace my authentic self. My energy levels have significantly improved and the anxiety and depression has gone. Her coaching helped me understand my uniqueness, my passion, my purpose and how I could weave those values into my life in every area.


The difference between many and Lauren is this, while knowledge is a powerful tool to know, without the emotional intelligence, heart centered intuition, and deep understanding of organised thought, that Lauren possesses in abundance, it is just knowledge! Lauren is a gifted person, coach and trainer, who makes a difference.

Her programs are not designed merely by content, they are guaranteed to transform.

I don't know about you, I'm just so glad that I believed in myself like Lauren believed in me.


I had my passion & purpose session done with Lauren, I just love it how she listens to every word that is being spoken, she just nails it! Her guidance in my discovery of my passion & purpose makes complete sense & has provided me such clarity of who I am as a women, mother, wife & just me BEE! Highly recommended & totally worth doing!


I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday, I feel great like something has lifted and I now have the attitude of why the hell not? I feel so free its awesome. Thanks!


It’s incredible that I can be in such a different head and emotional space in such a short time. Doing that process with you and feeling change so quickly has just made me feel so confident in how much it can help other people and I really really want to help people to change their lives. I’ve always been about positivity and helping people to ‘look on the bright side’ and I want to make every day ‘bright’ for them if I can.


I approached Lauren for help, as I had been suffering with terrible bouts of anxiety, and self doubt. I had been dealing with this for quite some time but it had got completely out of hand over the past year. After my sessions with Lauren, I am not quite sure what happened or exactly when it happened, but I have had a complete shift in my thoughts and the way I think about myself and the way I approach challenges that I face both in my day to day life and at work. It’s made a big difference. Thank you Lauren people to ‘look on the bright side’ and I want to make every day ‘bright’ for them if I can. 


Before I had sessions with Lauren I had really bad anxiety which gave me tummy pains and made me feel sick and get really bad headaches. Since seeing Lauren I haven’t had any pains and have developed much positive views on my life and completely changed my life style. Thank you Lauren


I feel the best I have ever felt in my life! I have purpose and meaning and a deeper understanding of myself. I was depressed when I accomplished goals previously but I discovered what I want and need is bigger than the goals I was setting. I feel so fantastic, I really do, thanks to you.


One of my biggest past clients was The Life Coaching College who I ran NLP Trainings for all across Australia, certifying hundreds of amazing people. They gave me permission to use this as feedback for me since these lovely students are spreading the love they experienced at an NLP Training I did for them.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety my whole life. I have tried everything from counselling to anti-depressants to acupuncture, but I found these treatments only helped me temporarily. I did some research on Time Line Therapy and discovered Lauren and went and saw her when I was feeling completely helpless and sad. After my first session with Lauren I felt like a drastic change had taken place which others had noticed as well. I discovered so much about myself and the power of limiting beliefs and decisions, I learnt valuable life tools and re-discovered the real me and my potential. Lauren was completely committed to my progress and is still extremely supportive, always ready and willing to offer advice and an empathetic ear if I have ever come across a new obstacle in my life. Thanks for everything Lauren, you have such a special gift.


Lauren’s sessions are amazing, and have had an enormous impact on my life. When I first came to see Lauren I felt very dis-empowered and like I’d never be able to achieve all the things I wanted out of life. But right from the first session, Lauren made me feel hopeful and understood. She is just so lovely and was very reassuring about her techniques – most of which Ive never heard of before. After just a few sessions, the change has been profound. I have been able to overcome the stress and anxiety that was blocking my way, and can see myself moving closer and closer to my goals. Sure, everything isnt always smooth and there are still obstacles for me to overcome, but I now feel like I have the ability and confidence to do it.
Thanks so much, Lauren.



I had my breakthrough with Lauren and it was an amazing experience. She was caring, thoughtful and experienced. She was very skilful in all areas of NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and hypnosis. I’d recommend Lauren to my own family and I’d be sure that they were in good hands. Thank you


I would like to express my greatest thanks and appreciation to Lauren for her genuine care and professionalism towards helping me move forward with my life. I had heard of NLP in the past, but never knew the radical impact it could have on my life compared to the other means of self-help that I had tried. Lauren approached me with such genuine openness and understanding, making me feel completely comfortable (in fact I couldn’t wait to see her again after just the first day!) and showed me how to uncover my troubles and things that were stopping me from my past and how to push through them with confidence and acceptance. After my first day with Lauren I arrived at a family dinner and every person there commented on my confident glow and willingness to not shy from conversation. Thank you Lauren! You’re wonderful and I look forward to hearing about the differences you make in other people’s lives!


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